NOVEMBER 06-10, 2019


Spreading from Central Asia to the world; The art of carpet and kilim, which has been growing with the fertility of the land where it was produced, has been accepted as a universal value that has found its place in houses, places of worship, palaces, private collections, museums with the best examples throughout history.

Hand Carpeting is traditional art which has brought values such as culture, tradition and aesthetics to the present days
The popularity of carpets women with pure wool yarns and natural methods dyed with natural dyes by giving motifs, patterns and color richness continues to increase today.Hand carpet, which is a field where female population works as weaver, makes important contributions to the development of employment due to its labor-intensive feature.
Hand-woven carpets and rugs have a special place in the economy of countries as an important export product in addition to domestic consumption.


Karakeçili, Scorpio, Bukagili, Dragon, Muskalı, Star, Çinteman, Bird, Lalezar, Thousand Flowers ...

You know what this is? Most of us will be foreign to the future. The names or definitions of our handmade carpets, each of which is one of the most important assets of our life and culture. The Anatolian women who weave carpets and rugs have given these names to Hereke, Milas, Ladik’, Gordes, Konya and many others.

The motifs and patterns that have been conveyed from the weaver through the generations have been referred to by these names and the like.

Culture and labor kneaded patterns conveyed messages, conveyed wishes, troubles, drafts, fears, joys have always voiced.

Traditional Turkish Carpets and Rugs have been developed by hand labor, which has acquired all the raw materials from its own environment and enriched with the motifs and designs created by the people of Anatolia and carried from generation to generation.

This art of horses has brought the concept of carpet to the world languages and the word carpet has been mentioned together with Turkish.


We are organizing a fair called CARPETEXPO in Istanbul to bring together hand-woven carpets and rugs with its value each year.

The fair will be held at the Eurasian Show and Art Center, Yenikapı-İstanbul between 06-10 November 2019; as well as domestic companies of Turkey to the east of hand-woven carpets and rugs manufacturers also will host some countries. Within the scope of the exhibition, carefully selected importers, wholesalers, distributors and collectors from the USA, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway will be invited and B2B meetings will be organized with participating companies. Conferences, workshops, panels and workshops will also take place at the fair. CRAFTISTANBUL Handicrafts Fair will be held on the same dates as CARPETEXPO Carpet and Rug Fair.

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