Exhibitors Profile

* Hand Made Carpet and Rug Manufacturers
* Cicim, Zili, Sumac, Palaz, Column, Tülü, Multiplier Manufacturers
* Carpet and Rug Workshops, Cooperatives Rope producers and sellers
* Carpets, Rugs and Derivatives of Painters, Paint Producers Tools and Equipment Manufacturers
* Hand Made Carpet Washing and Repair Firms Display, Packaging Materials and Equipment
* Finance, Insurance and Logistics Firms, Hand Made Carpet and Rug Museums,
* Collectors Structures that support the sector, with projects (Ministries, Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorates, Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Municipalities, Unions, Cooperatives, Foundations, Associations)
* Training and Research Organizations Related to the Subject, Designers Subject / Thematic
* Publications (Books and Magazines) Written, Visual and Verbal Media